Welcome to the 2024 NHL Brackets Pool!

Entry Fee: $20

Are you ready to showcase your NHL expertise and compete for a share of the pot? Here’s how to play:

  1. Understanding the Points System:
    For every correct prediction in the 1st round, you earn 1 point.
    In the 2nd round, each correct prediction is worth 3 points.
    For the Conference Finals (3rd round), you’ll receive 4 points for each correct prediction.
    In the Stanley Cup Final (4th round), correct prediction is worth a whopping 5 points!
  2. Making Your Picks:
    Prior to the start of the NHL playoffs, submit your bracket predictions of the winners of each playoff series via online form on this page.
    Submit your bracket along with your entry fee of $20 before the deadline which is before the first game on April 20th, 2024.
    Round 1 Winners – Boston, NewYork, etc
    Round 2 Winners – Carolina, Toronto, etc
    Round 3 Winners – Boston, Carolina
    Round 4 Winner – Carolina
    Tiebreaker (Total Goals In Stanley Cup): 26
  3. Tiebreaker:
    In the event of a tie between participants, the tiebreaker will be the total number of goals scored in the Stanley Cup Final series.
    Make sure to include your tiebreaker prediction along with your bracket.
  4. Determining Winners and Payouts:
    Once all entries are received, the brackets will be scored based on the points system described above.
    The participants with the highest point totals will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
    Payouts will be determined based on the total number of entries and will be posted once the number of participants is finalized.
  5. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Example table, last years Brackets Pool:

Downloadable NHL playoff bracket:
Watch the NHL playoffs unfold and cheer for your picks as you compete for bragging rights!

Submit your entry and payment today to secure your spot in the 2024 NHL Brackets Pool. May the best bracket win!

2024 NHL Bracket Pool