How to Play:

1. Email me at

2. Provide Full Name, Team Name, Grid (20, 10 or 5) and how many boxes.
* There are NO limits to how many squares you wish to secure.

3. You will receive email or text confirmation from me.

4. Once all the squares have been filled, the Grid will show SOLD OUT and entries closed.

5. A random software generator will be used to determine the 0-9 numbers for each AFC & NFC. Separate generator for each Grid. Results will be posted in website constituting proof of numbers drawn.

How you Win:

1. There are 4 winners within each of the Grids, each determined at the end of each quarter played.

2. The winning square is determined by the score. For example: If the score is AFC 17 – NFC 14 and the end of the first quarter, then the winning square is AFC number 7, and NFC number 4. Check the Grid to see who has the winning square. We do this for EVERY quarter. 4 chances to WIN! within each of the Grids

3. Winners will be notified via email or phone.

4. Good luck to all that participate.

Rule Clarifications:

The actual score of game at end of each quarter is the official score used to determine the winning square.
The 4th Quarter Winning Square is determined as the FINAL SCORE. Overtime is considered in this Pool.