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Quick summary:

Once registered with Sports Junkie, each owner enters Leafs Seconds and is randomly given a number (software generated) between 0 and 59 which constitutes the seconds in a minute. Since there are only 30 owners, there will be 30 seconds sold out of 60. 30 numbers(seconds) remain unused. The schedule is available and 30 Leafs games to be used.

Cost per owner $300. Leaf games ONLY to be used for this pool.

Each Leaf game used, the winning number is determined by the last scored regulation goal or overtime goal. If the game went into overtime and the goal is scored that is the last goal of the game. If no overtime goal is scored, then the last goal of regulation is used to determine the pot winner of that game. The shootout is not used in this pool. If no goals are scored, the pot money is put towards the following Leaf game. Sports Junkie will notify the winner of each game via text and/or email. You can check which will give the time of the last goal.
To clarify further what is the winning second, if you are watching the game and they scored at 9:27. The game log would show 10:33 as the time of the goal. Therefore the winning number is 33.

The pot for each game is as follows:
Pool: Leafs Seconds $300

What makes this Pool very interesting?
If the last goal scored does NOT result in a winning number (we have 30 unused numbers) or no goals are scored, then the total pot is put towards the following game. Same exercise every week until the pot is won.

Last scheduled Leaf game of the year:
All pot money that hasn’t been won will be WON on this night. All owners will be given another number randomly (software generated) of the remaining 30 unused numbers. Each owner will have 2 numbers in play for the last game of the year. Each goal scored is a winner and worth the total prize pot for that night divided by the total amount of goals scored. Remember you have 2 numbers! You can win more than once. Of course, if there are NOT any goals scored in regulation or overtime then the pot is split by 30 owners. If one goal is only scored, that owner will win the entire pot.

Entry Deadline including entry fee: October 11th